Keith R. Porter

Endowment for Cell Biology

The Keith R. Porter Endowment for Cell Biology honors the legacy of Dr. Porter's many contributions to the field of cell biology through the following programs:

Annual selection of Porter Fellows as rising stars in cell biology

2020 Omar Quintero

2019 Jan Lammerding

2018 Laura Lackner & Gaia Pigino

2017 Antonina Roll-Mecak

2016 Maxence Nachury & Jay Debnath

Previous fellows include: Iain Cheeseman, Andrew Ewald, Daniela Nicastro, Gia Voeltz, Monica Bettencourt-Diaz, Janet Shaw, Jodi Nunnari, Elizabeth Smith, Georjana Barnes, Alexy Khodjakov, Arshad Desai, Ana Maria Cuervo, Dyche Mullins, Lynne Cassimeris, Michael Glotzer, Greg Pazour, Clare Waterman, Kathy Wilson, Tom Mistelli, Erika Holzbaur, Gregg Gundersen, Ching Hwa Sung, Kathy Green, Carolyn Larabell, Jan Hoh, Mark McNiven, and Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz

Support for the ASCB/Porter Prizes for Outstanding Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Trainees

Current Board members: Erika Holzbaur (chair), Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Mark McNiven, Kathy Green, Ana Maria Cuervo, Gregg Gundersen, George Langford, and Mary Porter (Ex officio, past chair)